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Laboratory services available at CQFM


CQFM offers scientific and technical services to both the academic and industrial community. Our facilities hold advanced methods of physical, chemical and microstructure characterization of materials and sample preparation under controlled conditions. Our experienced scientists are ready to provide quality services to meet your application, quality control, and root-cause failure analysis requirements. The ultimate goal of CQFM laboratory services is to help you better understand the materials critical to your continued success.

CQFM offers

  1. Support to academic research projects
  2. Support to quality control and root-cause failure analysis, directly or in cooperation with other laboratories

Our services are available to

  1. Instituto Superior Técnico researchers
  2. Researchers from other public Universities and Polytechnic Institutes
  3. Private companies, quality control and research laboratories

Either by

  1. Sporadic analysis
  2. Establishment of contracts or protocols that may include cooperation in R&D Projects, access to facilities for a contracted time, or training people for equipment operation

Terms and Regulation

  1. CQFM assures confidentiality during all the process
  2. Information about the samples should be provided when required by CQFM. In case the information is insufficient or inaccurate, the responsibility over the device and the results is imputed to the client
  3. The clients must include the source of the experimental data in the publication and diffusion of results obtained at CQFM
  4. Use of the instruments by the client implies full responsibility over the instruments and the results

User Fees (in Portuguese)


Feel free to contact us for further inquires.


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