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The Luso-Brazilian Workshop on SAXS and fluorescence methodologies on biological systems, organized by CQFM, took place at IST. This  workshop get together experts that presented theirs latest work in differents topics, such as  the impact of lipid oxidation on model membranes, time-resolved fluorescence and phototheraphy.



Carina Crucho was awarded with the L'Oréal Portugal Medal of Honor for Women in Science 2017. The ceremony of the 14th edition of this prestigious prize took place at Ciência Viva, Pavilhão do Conhecimento, in Lisbon.



Prof. Zita Martins was one one the invited scientists to speak at the Women in Science ceremony, in the occasion of the commemoration of the Women's International Day. This event took place at Academia das Ciências in Lisbon.



CQFM participated in the comemorative activities of the 10th anniversary of "Centro de Ciência Viva de Sintra". In this event two oral communications were presented by the CQFM team: "Raios Químicos" and "Química Radiosa".



Team photos: Mário Nuno Berberan-Santos, Liliana Martelo and Tiago Palmeira.



CQFM participated in the European Researchers' night  "Noite Europeia dos Investigadores" at "Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência".




June 2016  

The journalist Sandra Henriques (Antena 1 portuguese broadcast) interviewed researchers from CQFM for the radio show ”Só neste País”. The interview was about soap bubbles, in the context of the Euro 2016. The scientists went to the lab, and with help of the lab technician Jorge Teixeira prepared... explosive soap bubbles!  The recipe was adapted from the article (in portuguese) of  Prof. Berberan-Santos and Prof. Clementina Teixeira. The interview (in portuguese) can be listened  here.



Researchers Vasco Bonifácio, Tiago Palmeira and David Conceição with the journalist Sandra Henriques.





April 2016

CQFM is partner of the portuguese science clubs network “Rede Nacional de Clubes Ciência Viva” in collaboration with the science club “Ciência para todos” from Jacob Rodrigues Pereira school at Casa Pia de Lisboa. This school is fully oriented for the education and teaching of deaf students.



Vasco Bonifácio and students performing chemistry experiments in the lab of Jacob Rodrigues Pereira school in Lisbon.



Carina Crucho was awarded with the "PYCA - Elsevier 2016" from the Group of Young Chemists of SPQ.


Ana Maria Melo received an honorable mention in the "PYCA - Elsevier 2016" from the Group of Young Chemists of SPQ.


David Conceição won the first prize of PHOTOCHIMICA 2016, the first edition of the European Photography Contest, promoted by the Young Chemists´ Network (EYCN) from EuCheMS.


The (he)art of chemistry


25.09.2015 European Researchers' Night at National Museum of Natural History and Science.



July 2014

Diana Ferreira was elected for the Portuguese Chemical Society Young Chemists Group leadership board.


May 2014

Tânia Ribeiro received an honorable mention in the "PYCA - Gradiva 2014" from the Group of Young Chemists of SPQ.


September 2013

Manuel Prieto was nominated for the "Conselho Científico das Ciências Exactas e da Engenharia" of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).


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